About me

Mr. Slaven Balać was (born 2003) in Novi Sad, Serbia. Slaven has begin his clarinet study at the age of seven with his father. Since then, Slaven actively searches for the performance practice concepts and historical idioms of mastering the art of classical clarinet artistic performance. Slaven is excellent self-motivator and is continually committing to his diligent practice routines, all of which has brought him some important early successes in following national and international clarinet performance competitions. Slaven Balac aims to extend his personal potentials and learn about the contemporary clarinet techniques in order to proactively develop his artistic and professional career upon successfully completing his studies in the future. He strives toward joining the large community of similarly aspired and artistically oriented young people.


Slaven attended clarinet seminars by Prof. Alan Degagne, (Canada), Prof. David Krakauer (USA). Prof. Andrej Zupan (Slovenia), Prof. Wenzel Maria Fuchs (Austria), Prof. Sabina Meyer, Prof. Ralph Mano, and Prof. Sofija Molcanova (Germany), Prof. Han Kim (Korea), Prof. Damien Bachmann (Switzerland), Prof. Sergio Fernandez Pires (Portugal), Prof. Paolo Beltramini (Italy/ Switzerland), Prof. Horia Dumitrache and Prof. Emil Visenescu (Romania), Prof. Arno Piters (Austria). He is a tenured member and a solo-performer of the Youth PhilharmonicOrchestra, “Borislav Pascan” the National Theater in Belgrade, conducted by maestro Djordje Pavlović, Vjaceslav Bortnovskij, Jörn Andresen, Grigor Palikarov, Helmut Schmidt, Hansjörg Angerer, Benedict Eibelhuber, Aleksandar Drčar, Thomas Koncz.


As a solo-performer he performed with the string orchestra of M.S. “Isidor Bajic” from Novi Sad and with a string orchestra of “Murohalom” from Hungary. As a chamber musician he performed in a concert hall of Kolarac Pious Endowment in the stateroom of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. Slaven was invited to perform as a soloist (Serbian National Palace) before the audience of the President of Serbia and government officials. He performed as a member of the wind and symphony orchestra at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg from 2019 to 2023 and as the first clarinetist in the Berlin Philharmonic in 2020. To date, Slaven had 320 public performances in Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, France, The Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.